After rocking dad body for many months, it was time to get in the gym and get a body I could be proud of. Pola has been amazing in training me. I could see my body changing shape within weeks and I am now mentally and physically in a totally different place from when we began. – @BoFlockhart , Business Manager









A month and a half ago I started working with Pola Pospieszalska founder of Fitness Angel to improve my fitness and get me in shape. She has completely changed the way I think about food and inspired me to do the right kind of exercise. After just three weeks I saw big changes in my body shape and I’m already 3kg lighter. I can run faster and longer, I can lift heavierweights, I feel stronger and more confident, and having a much flatter stomach isn’t bad either! The chronic back pain that I’ve suffered with for over a year which badly affected my sleep has almost gone and I’m looking forward to see what my body can do in the future. – KIRSTY HENDERSON / PETA (Pics show week 1 vs week 4 vs week 6.) 












Thank you for making me ready for my big day! I look and feel better than ever before  – Ruth Webb , lawyer 












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Pola had made me enjoy exercise for the first time in my life! She has helped me eat more consciously and be a more balanced, healthier me.”–  @whinniewilliams , pop singer

“As I got older I assumed it was just my age that changed how flexible I was. I was wrong. As a personal trainer Pola has a real genius in not only motivating you but also getting your body to train intelligently- she made me do things that the normal beefcake trainer wouldn’t think of . After three months of mobility and flexibility training I was effortlessly able to move in the ways I didn’t even know I could do.  She trains your body without that terrible shock to the system – you don’t even realise you are being pushed to the limit. Until you see the amazing results.   – Mark Fuller, nightclub owner, restaurateur and hotelierscreen-shot-2016-10-04-at-23-56-47

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“I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who hates exercise more than myself, and yet somehow I still enjoy the sessions with Pola! She is one of the most compassionate and genuine people I have had the pleasure of meeting . However she still kicks butt when needed! I’m not easy to train and normally quit after a few sessions but Pola makes me want to better myself”  -Brooke Bond, model




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Pola is amazing! She is knowledgeable, motivational and focused. She brings variety to every single workout. Her diet advice that goes hand in hand with her workouts 100% works if you follow it! I love working with a vegan trainer who really knows their stuff.-Soraya Radford , Actress





‘With the help of Pola’s coaching and nutritional guidance I have lost 23kg in total (3,6 stone) in the space of 4 months and I have never felt happier or more confident – my life truly transformed’ -Zsofi Varga



‘’Pola is an amazing Personal Trainer! By making 1 small adjustment to my diet, coupled with lots of nutritional advice, I lost 7lb in weight and reduced my body fat from 16.2% to 14.2% in under 3 weeks – an incredible result seeming as I had plateaued for months before !!’’

**UPDATE** “My blood pressure dropped from Stage 1 hypertension ( which I had all my life)  to COMPLETELY normal range of 116/60 after three months of following Pola’s nutritional advise. You are what you eat ! Thank you!”-Gary Bickles, Director, ING



“Pola was recommended to me by another PT for her amazing transformative work on a holistic fitness level. When I met her I told her I wanted to become stronger and develop a balanced way of eating. I started with the 5 week programme and at the end of that I decided to continue with the 12 week one because the physical and mental transformations I have experienced in such short period were incredible. My body has changed massively, I feel more power in my muscles and bones, my eating habits have improved and now my “diet”, which really is just a new abundant way of eating things that nourish and supports my lifestyle. It has been hard work but also fun and Pola is so supportive and understanding, she really puts her whole heart in what she does and the results speak for themselves. She made me realise that it’s paramount to be accountable to achieve goals. I cannot be thankful enough for how much I got from training with her.” – Barbara Antonino, Yoga Instructor








-“Right from the start, it was clear that Pola had thought through my training needs really carefully.  My programmes met my requirements and her delivery of the training way exceeded my expectations.  She works you hard but also makes it a lot of fun. Few weeks into our training I had the best run in a year and same time as pre Achilles injury – I had such energy back it was really noticeable. I would definitely recommend working with her. ” – John Kennedy , CEO of Harvest Global Investment



Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.07.25“I love being trained by Pola, not only do I feel so much stronger but no sessions are ever the same. I used to think training was boring but Pola makes every session fun whilst pushing you to your limits” – Louise Vale, Legal PA




  Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 07.02.50“Having trained and dieted the same way for years, I was really impressed with Pola’s approach to things. She completely changed the way I train and each session is not only different and interesting, but keeps me sweating and coming back for more” -David Adam, Head of Financial Services, Board International



“I have been working with Pola for about two months now, she has a unique approach to Personal Training, brings new things to every session, takes me way out of my comfort zone and has had a huge impact on my fitness, strength, flexibility & training regime generally”. – Matthew Parker , CEO IP Solutions



Pain has never been so much fun” – Mark ( CEO of advertising agency)





“Pola has been an amazing ​personal coach, who has been able to create a huge difference in my mindset! My motivation shifted from below 0 and after 7 weeks my energy has been boosted up to levels I could not imagine I would ever get back in my 40s. Thank you so much!!! “ – Luis Santa Maria Bernal 












“Pola is awesome and her super enthusiastic and personable style encouraged me to enlist in a course of training with her.  I’m signing on for another package as soon as this one finishes. I’ve found the sessions super fun and have noticed so much difference in activating muscles never used before. Also adopted her recommended diet where I lost 3kg of body fat up till now and feel so much more awake and energetic. Life changing few weeks.” – Ravi Lakhani, financial markets headhunter




“Having reached my mid-50’s, my body, diet and general health were the result of years of ignorance! But Pola saw through all that and now after few months of training with her I’m much leaner, stronger, much fitter and my golf game has benefitted from increased flexibility and stamina. Thank you Pola!” -Colin MacKenzie, Investment Management



“The strength Pola is injecting into my bloodstream is beyond valuable. Physical and mental. Wait for the photo of my abs!” – Barbara Antonino, yoga instructor