1Rebel HIIT review

Last weekend I was invited to review the 1Rebel super high intensity classes. I heard about them many times before and trying their workouts was definitely on my to do list, so I gladly said yes ! I decided to do two different classes over the weekend. I opted for Reshape, which is a whole body high intensity workout and Rumble, a boxing bootcamp class. 1Rebel also offers spin/ group cycle class, but I am not too keen on cycling.

I was super impressed with the interior and gorgeous copper decorated dressing rooms with heated benches and refrigerator full of ice cold towels – I found later that it was exactly what I needed after the strenuous exercise. Brilliant idea. Loved the selection of cosmetics and retro inspired showers and hollywood like mirrors.

You think this may be a silly idea until you do the Rumble class 


The crowd in the gym is a mix between fitness junkies who travel a distance to go to their favourite class and busy city professionals who can only spend 1h max in the gym during their lunch break. People come in and go, you won’t find anyone hanging around for 2-3 hours as you do in your normal gym. This is a place to get the workout done, get it done fast and squeeze in as much as possible in the 45 min class. The whole experience reminded me more of a nightclub than a gym  – only that instead of fancy cocktails, the bar offers green juices and protein smoothies. So if you hate the gym, I think you will like this one.


The workouts themselves were really good – exactly what I needed and the duration is perfect for that type of exercise. The rooms were dark and the music super loud. The 45 minutes passed very quick each time as there was literally no break. At all. You were going NON STOP switching from super high intensity bursts to a little less than high intensity bursts. Basically, in 45 minutes everything was gonna get it.



Reshape was a 45 minutes non stop high intensity experience. Imagine 9 rounds of 3 min high intensity climb/sprint on a treadmill mixed with 3min weights, plyometrics and bodyweight exercises –  the combos included 14km/h sprint on an incline straight into a combo of box jumps and burpees – it was HARD. The good news is you could always make it easier and slow down – but with the encouragement of awesome instructor Danny and everyone around you giving their best, you wouldn’t even want to. It was challenging but so much fun.



The following day I visited again to try their signature Rumble class, which is a HIIT class comprising of bodyweight and jump drills with boxing. With the bags are swinging from the ceiling, music pumping and the instructor shouting out commands it really gets full on. I found the class was way more intense than Reshape but perhaps it is because boxing isn’t really my thing whereas I do a lot of  bootcamps and weights. I was aching in quite unexpected places after Rumble and since I like challenges I went back to do the class few days later. I am going to sign up for a batch just to get these boxing moves right.