Why Outdoor Exercise is Amazing For You

Finally ! The days are getting warmer and warmer and it is now possible to run outside without wooly hat and pair of gloves. I absolutely LOVE doing outdoor bootcamps and moving in the sun and I am awaiting the spring eagerly. As well as my summer holiday, which I surely want to spend actively and come home feeling better than when I left 🙂

Imagine exercising in a beautiful green space, either alone or with a group of friends or like minded people. Plenty of fresh air, sun shining and nice scenery improve your mood and bring on the feeling of happiness. Or even better – a sunset on the beach and feeling so energised and happy after either a run or gentle workout! Some studies suggest that exercise adherence may be increased by an outdoor workout – people who pick a nice scenery for their exercise are more likely to do it again.



Working out in the nature feeds your soul


Pick a nice scenery for your workout session – as being surrounded by unpleasant view can actually worsen the mood. My favourite workouts are by water and in the open space – which always feeds the mood even on a bad day. And of course, when the bright glow of the sun feels warm and lovely on my skin I am the happiest. After a long winter , we all need the sunshine!


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Sunshine is good for you. Don’t buy into the ‘stay away from sunlight’ myth. As much as it is unhealthy to get a sunburn, we need the sun and it’s rays to stay healthy. There is literally nothing better for your mood and energy levels as a proper workout on a beautiful mild spring day when the sun is shining and you get to open your lungs, breathe in fresh air and sweat out all the stresses.

As I mentioned before, sunshine improves Vitamin D levels, which is NECESSARY for healthy immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is responsible for many diseases including cancers, diabetes and heart disease. ( Make sure you supplement and get enough sunshine!) . The sun doesn’t only increase Vitamin D levels but also serotonin levels, which elevates the mood and regulates the appetite and cravings. Sunshine increases levels of nitric oxide in your blood, which actually can lower blood pressure and widen blood vessels.

Another thing which I experience in the spring and summer time after working out outdoors. If you suffer from insomnia, trust me – old insomniac – there is nothing better than going for a long run and doing a workout on fresh air! Not only it improves sleep ( literally knocks me out) – it also is proven to benefit your memory.



To sum it up – don’t wait . Find a beautiful park or a lake near you. Put on your running shoes. Take your dog out. Get out there in the sun as soon as it comes out after this long gloomy winter. Working out outdoors makes you feel all the good things – energised but relaxed, alive and happy!