How to Energise yourself The Vegan Way – My Article for Female First

I used to live a pretty unhealthy lifestyle before, it is no secret! I was constantly exhausted and too tired to even crawl out of bed by noon. I hated every minute of exercise and I ate all the beautiful plastic foods that occupy the supermarket’s shelves. But things are different now and by implementing few simple rules, everything has changed. And I mean everything! At 35 I am probably the strongest and most energetic I have ever been. It is 6am and I am writing this article having walked my dogs already and feeling awake, energised, happy and ready to start my day. Being high on life is incredible and we are constantly high on life as children. Do you remember how it felt? Getting up excited about the day, being curious about the world, asking questions. Being able to run all day without feeling out of breath. Kids literally run everywhere but adults get peeved off even if they have to walk up the stairs. Somewhere along the way we lose it, we become lazier and lethargic with age. But it is there for us to claim A LOT of this energy and zest for life back. And it mainly has to do with how we fuel your body and mind. We have all the tools to tune back into this life-force. Follow these simple life changing tips.



Everything changed when I started reading labels on the foods in supermarket. I freaked out. What do these things even mean? And how can something so far removed from nature be good for you? It isn’t normal for a dead animal to lie on a shelf in a supermarket for days, weeks and sometimes even months before it is eaten by another animal. What did they put in there to make it last that long? And why does supermarket breast milk from a cow last weeks and months in your fridge? What’s really in there? It got me thinking. I don’t have that problem now I’m vegan but there are plenty of unhealthy vegan choices out there too. Vegan junk food is highly processed and you want to stay away from processed 99% if not 100% of time. So DON’T BE SCARED OF SIMPLICITY. There is nothing wrong with eating an avocado, an orange and few nuts and making this a meal. Remember these three words: Simple, Organic, Whole-foods. This is number one rule. Anything else and you are compromising your health and wellbeing.



To fully benefit from your night’s sleep never eat late and just before the bed. Digestion requires effort – when you eat a heavy meal just before bed, you will almost never get a decent night of sleep – your body’s energy will be focused on digesting the meal when really it should be focused on the renewal and rejuvenating processes that take place when you’re asleep.



Stretch in the morning. Get out of bed and spend 5 minutes stretching dynamically. You will get your heart rate up, fire off the muscles and get your joints ready to work hard all day. Better than coffee!

Do not be scared of carbohydrates!Carbohydrates are your fuel for performance- eat your fruit in the morning, sweet potato or quinoa for lunch along with plenty of green vegetables. However do try and avoid processed carbs like white bread, pasta, candies, donuts and everything made with white flour and sugar. These foods will give you an instant boost of energy but you’ll soon come crashing.



Dehydration is the most common cause of feeling tired. Put two bottles of water on your desk and make your mind up not to leave work until they’re empty. You need 3-4 litres a day.



There is literally nothing better to boost your energy and performance in the morning than having a nutritious fresh juice for breakfast. Forget heavy sandwiches, eggs and cereals. Drinking green fresh juice on empty stomach is the quickest way to provide your body with a boost of nutrients.



When you feel heavy and tired, do give your body a break. That includes a break from food too. Try to leave 16 hours between your last meal and first -for example have dinner at 6pm then first meal at 10am the next day – it will boost your energy and help you burn fat faster. You’re allowed green juice or if you really need coffee, black coffee.



Let’s get a little controversial. BOOZE IS OFF THE MENU.

Be clever about the booze! You will NOT have an amazing body and strong clear mind if you drink more than twice a month, I am sorry. Or if you drink at all. You may get away with it for a while but it will catch up. Alcohol is a poison, it is legal indeed, as it is a huge money making machine. From a health perspective, imagine pouring it into your car’s fuel tank. You wouldn’t. So why do you put it where your fuel should go? Would you pour it into your child’s throat? No. Because you love your child. It is the little daily choices that either support our life or sabotage it. Every day, every meal, we have a choice about how we fuel our body and how much energy we end up having. Knowledge is power! Choose fresh, plant based, vibrant, colourful, healthy, organic, cruelty free foods for you and every person you love and you will never look back.


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