Chia Pomergranate Pod

Incredibly powerful breakfast pod. Complete protein from chia, good fats from Avocado, potassium and manganese from banana and all the goodness of pomegranate. Lots of fibre , antioxidants and phytonutrients too 🙂



Shopping list:

1 bananaScreen Shot 2016-05-24 at 08.25.02


Coconut Milk

Cinnamon ( if you like it)

Organic Chia seeds




Soak Chia in Coconut Milk for 10 mins . Blend Avocado Banana and Cinnamon

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 08.25.14


Once the chia is nice and jelly, mix the two together and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.

Have a wonderful day <3 <3 #keepyourbloodclean 


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 08.25.25 Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 08.25.40