Good Morning Gloryville!

My friends have been ‘raving’ about these new healthy morning parties called ‘Morning Gloryville’ for a while. I had to find out more! What is Morning Gloryville? Every now and then, in different corners of the world, hundreds of beautiful individuals gather early in the morning in carefully selected venues to dance their way into the day.

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Mid week parties host busy professional who choose to attend a rave instead of a morning pre work gym session. I chose to go to one of the London weekend sessions. The event took place at Mode Notting Hill and the venue filled with people shortly after 9am. The crowd was a mixture of beautiful people in creative outfits, belly dancers, yogis, musicians, people in gym clothes, men dressed up as unicorns, females in leotard outfits, professional belly dancers as well as people who were out all night and decided to extend their night out into early – next day – afternoon hours. The event lasted for four hours and people powered themselves up with coffee, green organic juices, cacao shots and raw delicious deserts. The energy was insane! Everyone was so happy and friendly and there were some funky people walking around giving free hugs. I danced for four hours straight and believe me, that was one cardio session I won’t forget soon. At 1pm I walked out of the club into broad daylight and headed for a beautiful lunch at Nama. I couldn’t believe I just danced for four hours in an actual nightclub! Will I go back? MOST DEFINITELY! It is actually quite incredible to think that a new culture of clubbing is emerging and people choose to have fun in a conscious, sober way. I really hope it will continue to take the world by storm.


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“At Morning Gloryville  believe that vitality and wellness of heart, mind, body, and soul can raise one’s level of awareness of themselves, their communiy and the world we live in. Therefore, when we talk about consciousness we mean having greater clarity and awareness. When one’s consciousness is increased they live life with love, joy, purpose, vitality and wellness.”


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