The Transformers – ultimate challenge

The Transformers is a London social fitness club founded by David Evans and Agnes Electra. I met David at a charity event last year, started talking about fitness and he invited me to try one of their free weekend boot camps in Hyde Park.  At first it  seemed a little weird to me that someone is organising a completely free boot camp in the heart of London – not once a year but twice a week! After I got to know David a little bit more, I found out that this is his way of giving back to the community and found it quite selfless and amazing.
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David and Agnes are both vegan athletes and they absolutely thrive on this diet, both of them being super fit and inspiring. 
The boot camp starts every Saturday and Sunday at 10.30am on South Carriage Drive about 100 east from the tennis club. Depending on the day you can expect between 40 and 100 fitness enthusiasts showing up. Every week the workout differs and depending on how fit you are, you can burn up to 1000 kcal. Some days the activities are based around anaerobic exercise like powerful sprints and lots of plyometrics. On other days you do a lot of body weight exercises like push ups, burpees, sit-ups, crunches, lunges with short intense cardio intervals. Every session finishes with a proper tretch and a little talk from Dave about fitness and how to stay motivated. You can choose to donate 1GBP on the day to the club to help cover the ‘operational cost’ of the boot camp. After the work out everyone goes to Whole Foods at High Street Kensington to socialise and eat healthy lunch.
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David is a Peak Performance Coach who trained many celebrities including Elie Goulding and Julien Macdonald. 
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Apart from the weekend boot camp, the Transformers run weekday classes all around  London at different times of the day. The classes are Yoga, Kickboxing, Boot camp, Abs and Core blast, Calisthenics, Plyometrics and Running Combat. They also organise a fun, healthy fitness holidays like skiing, martial arts weekend, summer fitness get aways.  Check out their website for details :
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My personal experience with The Transformers is nothing but brilliant. I made so many quality friends who are into fitness and healthy life style and that was exactly the kind of people I wanted in my life and social circle. I also took my strength and endurance to next level. Because the membership gives you unlimited access to classes you can gradually increase the frequency or length of your workout and when you feel like trying something new, you can attend a different class pretty much any day. David and Agnes are always there motivating and giving all sorts of advise to everyone who asks for it. It is not just a fitness club it is a community of super nice people supporting each other in making healthy choices.

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